Aug 13, 2012

Prairie House Unveiled

We're only half done, but I can't wait one more minute to share... 


And After....

Note all the high points are unpainted. Fear of heights in our house, perhaps? 

This poor poor door has been painted so many times.  Soon to be replaced with a Crestview.

Body/Trim: Cloverdale Paint - Colour match to Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (Flat for body, Satin for trim)
Door: Pratt & Lambert - eeek!! Can't find the paint chip.  I'll update when I find it.

Still a couple weeks of painting left, including the garage.  And since I'm so indecisive with doors, add a few more weeks for countless colour trials. I'm not totally sure what to do with the soffits in the interim.  White is whack so we're pondering removing the aluminum to reveal the original plywood soffits. Or just paint?  

We're completely in love with the final results.  

I'll post some pictures of future plans for the porch.  


UPDATE: Door colour - Pratt & Lambert Delightful Aqua 22-7