Apr 19, 2010

Agua DIY

Hubby and I are not much for DIY. We enjoy watching the DIY channel and I adore collecting materials for projects I intend to start but never do (you should see my fabulous pillow fabric collection). Only out of dire necessity do we actually dare to start and finish (gasp!) a DIY. This, was one of those cases.

So I manhunted* the previously mentioned Santevia water filter and by chance, found that they were sold at our local organic haven, Community Natural Foods on 10th Avenue SW. At $169.99, $30 below the online price, who could resist? Not I!

I brought said water filter home, and Lily and I assembled**, only to discover that it didn't fit anywhere in the kitchen. The only option was in the hall by the kitchen. But finding a suitable stand or table had its challenges because of the limited width of the hallway.

We decided the best option was a night table - which would meet the criteria of enough height to not have to bend down to pour water and a more compact size. We agreed that the Hemnes nightstand from Ikea in white met our needs.
To bring a little spunk into kitchen into the hallway, Jason (reluctantly) spray painted the stand a bright yellow (he = not a fan of the colour).

This is our garage. I had no idea what it looked like until I snapped this picture.

We added a little retro touch by using a vintage chrome dish knob he found in the basement - still in perfect condition. And the final product? Voila! Doesn't it look divine with the pink and penitentiary grey walls? No?


*Feverishly and what some would call 'obsessively' hunt down an item, find the best price then order or buy to be sent through any means possible, including mailing by boat from a small obscure country. Approach has met with 'challenges' from time to time. Right Jason? *grin

**I assembled while she de-assembled and made a mess of the bubble wrap

Apr 9, 2010


Whhhhhyyyy can I not stop obsessing about this water filter?

Is it because of the 8 stages of filtration? (including one stage with MAGNETIC ENERGY - rad)
Is it because it is tres environmental and requires a filter change only once every six months and filters tap water?
Is it because there is a white ring around my bathtub every morning from the previous night's bath?
Or is it because I have no friends in Calgary and have nothing better to do?

Maybe a little of all of the above?

This sweet little water filter is leagues cheaper than a conventional water cooler and provides you with some of the purest water on earth. (only $199 for the whole shebang) Plus it's a Delta, BC based company. Go Canada!

Lucky I get to choose my own birthday gift this year.... (nerdiest gift ever)

For more information: (read the Client Testimonials - very insightful)