Apr 9, 2010


Whhhhhyyyy can I not stop obsessing about this water filter?

Is it because of the 8 stages of filtration? (including one stage with MAGNETIC ENERGY - rad)
Is it because it is tres environmental and requires a filter change only once every six months and filters tap water?
Is it because there is a white ring around my bathtub every morning from the previous night's bath?
Or is it because I have no friends in Calgary and have nothing better to do?

Maybe a little of all of the above?

This sweet little water filter is leagues cheaper than a conventional water cooler and provides you with some of the purest water on earth. (only $199 for the whole shebang) Plus it's a Delta, BC based company. Go Canada!

Lucky I get to choose my own birthday gift this year.... (nerdiest gift ever)

For more information: (read the Client Testimonials - very insightful)



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