Sep 25, 2012

Cow Town Low Down: Louche Milieu

Why hello there.  I know. It's been a while.  

I hit a bit of a rough patch this spring and unbeknown to me, apparently every cell in my body thwarted me from my blog this summer and redirected me to a (insert one) [patio, backyard barbecue, hike in the rockies, garden and river float].  It was a glorious summer; the hottest on record here in Cow-town since, get this, 1881.  And hot for Cow-town, because it's glacial here most of the time, is really very pleasant (25-30 Celsius) and solid. sun.  Honestly, you couldn't have paid me enough to leave my backyard this summer. I did loads of gardening, barbecuing and have 130,000 mini tomatoes I have no idea what to do with.  And I feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle some indoor fall/winter projects as well as a blog re-design which I plan to launch in the new year.   

So while relishing in my selfish summer, a brand spanking new/old mid century storey opened in Calgary: Louche Milieu - 'Living Modern like it's mid-century' (now why didn't I think of that?)
The lovely Laura in her store

Owner Laura Atkins has been collecting and selling mid century furniture and jewellery for some time now and finally found a perfect little spot in a converted garage in the Wildwood neighbourhood (in the same mid century strip mall as my buddies, People Food).  

I had a chance to visit the store shortly after it opened in August (and found a couple of pieces for my collection). Her pieces are thoughtfully curated and exquisitely arranged in a visual smorgasbord of want/need. Only the sexiest legged mcm furniture and glammy glam costume jewellery seem eligible to cross the threshold of her indulgent little store.  She also carries, when available, those wish list classic mcm pieces like a beautifully intact Eero Saarinen marble topped 'tulip' dining table, Herman Miller/Eames rocker, and a Hans Wegner 'X' table with danish cord CH23 chairs circa 1965. I warned her not to tell me if she finds an Eero Saarinen Womb Chair, cause lordy knows I need a new pink bathroom...

MCM feast of fields
I might need to pick up that little yellow mirror in the corner....

Gorgeous coffee table. I need to profile Gordon Atkins work soon (a native Calgarian)
Did I mention the vintage bags and german pottery? 
Scores: mcm vase and print by local artist, Thedor.  
Louche Milieu is open Friday and Saturdays 12:30-6pm or by appointment.  (Louche Milieu Blog or her Facebook Page: Louche Milieu FB Page)
Tell her I sent you.  But don't buy the stereo if it's still there. It's mine. (kidding) 



LCA said...

LP, you certainly have a way with words! and photos...and MCM finds...Thank you for visiting Louche Milieu: 'Living Modern Like its Mid Century" and sharing the store with like-minded folk. If such folk want to see what is new at the store the best place to watch (if you cannot be there in person) is my facebook page..(the blogspot is still 'under construction'). Bring the girls and come by and listen to your stereo anytime!, LA

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