Jun 21, 2010

Kitchen Reveal

Ok, so it's not quite done, but lucky for anyone who reads this, I'm impatient. We had our fair share of contractor drama with this kitchen, but the final product is beautiful and we're completely happy.

To refresh, this reno involved:
  • replacement of the laminate counters with new laminate counters
  • replacement of laminate backsplash with 1" aqua glass tile
  • new double sink to replace yucky old one
  • new faucet to replace existing leaky faucet
  • under-cabinet lighting (because I LOVE lots of light)
  • extension of counter to encase oven and add drawer for recycling
  • addition of another outlet



Oooo la la!

That little rim under the cabinets hides the undercabinet florescent lighting. It's like standing on the sun.

New sink (King Sink), garburator (Incinerator) and faucet (Ikea - surprisingly inexpensive)

Close up of the counter and glass tile backsplash

New counter and recycling drawer to frame in oven. Contractors installed a wheel underneath the drawer.

Original chrome oven fan (for all the burning I do)

Lily's art gallery

And here's a sum of what we were able to restore and what we had to replace

Original elements we restored
  • Wooden cabinets (painted)
  • Oven fan (cleaned)
  • Window

Elements we replaced with sympathetic and green materials
  • Laminate counters replaced original laminate counters (we also used the same edge profile)
  • Vinyl floors replaced with Marmoleum (Armstrong Marmorette in Obsidian)
  • New Ikea faucet to replace older (not original) faucet
  • Glass tiles to replace laminate backsplash (same colour palette as original)
  • New Samsung stove, fridge and Kenmore dishwasher
  • Under cabinet lighting

Now what?
We still need to remove the rest of the wallpaper and paint - hopefully by next week and add a new ceiling light to replace the florescent exposed tube (hot). One room almost down. Yay us!

Will update shortly on the bathroom...


Jun 13, 2010

Gran Treasures

Renovations are aaaaalllllllmmmmoooost done. And I'm so tempted to post photos. But it's just not as effective an 'After' when it's only partially done. So we must wait. In the meantime, a posting to tide over...

My Gran passed away last September. One of my favourite people in the world. She was delightful and bratty, loved her gin and crosswords. She couldn't keep a single garden plant alive, constantly hit the wall of her garage with her lightening bolt emblazoned car and single handedly kept the kitchy 'most annoying present ever' industry afloat. Everyone in my family dreaded the years when that creepy singing fish was popular. Inevitably, one of us got it for Christmas.

I still really miss her.

Gran lived in a little house at Shuswap Lake. And my family and later hubby and the kids spent many years sitting on her deck and skipping rocks and floating at the lake. No one could bear to be at the house without my Gran so the family decided to sell the house.

After the house sold last month, we met my parents and my aunt and uncle at the house to help to clear out her estate.

Lily in Gran's living room - very excited to see her Bama and Bumpa from Vancouver.

We were fortunate to pick up a few items that will be well loved at the MCM House on the Prairie. But because I am ever trying to be environmentally conscious (read: evil) and won't let hubby get a truck, we couldn't fit any of it in our car. So this past Saturday, Jason rented a truck and drove out to Shuswap. 12 hours of driving. In one day*. Here's some pix of some of the things he brought back:

All the pretty period appropriate flowers I can grow in my suburban 50's dreamhouse. Oh wait. I live in Calgary and can't seem to keep anything alive.

Jason thought this one would look good in our rec room bar. Not to drink though. Because it's Creme de Menthe.

A sweet little bar set.

Some dancing teacups of my Great Grandma's.

How freaking awesome are these?

Noguchi inspired teak side table made by my Gran.

Little lamp you can grow a plant in. Or not. Because watering a plant that is plugged into a wall seems risky.

My Gran saved everything. Including every pattern from the 1960s to the 1980s. All size 14, 36 bust. Lower right: Not sure where one would wear a sweatshirt material jumpsuit with a turtleneck? Space?

Michael Jackson for kids. Top right.

And for those nights when I have a hankering for bowling...

And my favourite piece. A teak sideboard...

To hold all the records on the new record player I got for Mother's Day. Woot!

We feel so blessed to have little reminders of Gran to spice up the Prairie house. She was one of the coolest cats out there and a big part of both our lives.


* Clearly an attempt to gain some points from the recent Vegas/fishing trip/hole in floor.