Jun 21, 2010

Kitchen Reveal

Ok, so it's not quite done, but lucky for anyone who reads this, I'm impatient. We had our fair share of contractor drama with this kitchen, but the final product is beautiful and we're completely happy.

To refresh, this reno involved:
  • replacement of the laminate counters with new laminate counters
  • replacement of laminate backsplash with 1" aqua glass tile
  • new double sink to replace yucky old one
  • new faucet to replace existing leaky faucet
  • under-cabinet lighting (because I LOVE lots of light)
  • extension of counter to encase oven and add drawer for recycling
  • addition of another outlet



Oooo la la!

That little rim under the cabinets hides the undercabinet florescent lighting. It's like standing on the sun.

New sink (King Sink), garburator (Incinerator) and faucet (Ikea - surprisingly inexpensive)

Close up of the counter and glass tile backsplash

New counter and recycling drawer to frame in oven. Contractors installed a wheel underneath the drawer.

Original chrome oven fan (for all the burning I do)

Lily's art gallery

And here's a sum of what we were able to restore and what we had to replace

Original elements we restored
  • Wooden cabinets (painted)
  • Oven fan (cleaned)
  • Window

Elements we replaced with sympathetic and green materials
  • Laminate counters replaced original laminate counters (we also used the same edge profile)
  • Vinyl floors replaced with Marmoleum (Armstrong Marmorette in Obsidian)
  • New Ikea faucet to replace older (not original) faucet
  • Glass tiles to replace laminate backsplash (same colour palette as original)
  • New Samsung stove, fridge and Kenmore dishwasher
  • Under cabinet lighting

Now what?
We still need to remove the rest of the wallpaper and paint - hopefully by next week and add a new ceiling light to replace the florescent exposed tube (hot). One room almost down. Yay us!

Will update shortly on the bathroom...



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