Oct 29, 2013

Furniture Love

Our first place that we owned was a cute townhouse in Cloverdale, BC.  The price was right but the 1.5 commute to work each day was torture.  I was pregnant with our first and nesting badly so as part of the move we bought all new furniture.  We still have most of that furniture - almost 10 years later.  So when a friend came over a few months ago and the couch collapsed when he sat down, we both agreed it was time to start looking. (the couch has since been glued/screwed back together)

I looooooove furniture.  I could buy a new classic mid century chair over designer shoes, trips, bathroom renos (ha ha - poor pink bathroom).

This light looks good on you, Womb Chair

Get that model off there -I can't see the couch

So I was pretty excited to find BoConcept - which has locations around the world.  They were established in 1952 in Denmark and have been designing some pretty awesome iconic pieces since then. They also provide design services - I worked with a designer there recently to help with my living room.  Wood panelling is HARD to work with. I will share the results of this makeover in a later post.

Anyways -we went for a looksee yesterday and I fell in love....

It's the Carlton Sofa designed by Anders Nørgaard and it's brand new this season.  It has a 1970s vibe to it - one of my favourite eras of furniture.  Loungey, gushy cushions and long enough so Jason could lay out on it (which incidentally is why the other couch broke - wasn't long enough for him and he continuously pushed against the arms).

And look at this chair?  It just screams "I belong with you!" 

Hamilton Chair

I clearly need a second job... 


Oct 7, 2013

It's funny when...

When kids hijack your camera. 

And your record player. 

Yes, those are cats. 


ps - why am I still here?  Well, my new website is too fancypants for me.  [read - I'm technologically bereft] Plus, I miss my Blogger buddies....