Oct 23, 2010

Halloween - Prairie Style

We here at the Prairie House love Halloween. Actually, 'love' just doesn't quite capture it. Infatuation? Borderline stalkers? Whatever, all I know is that for the month of October we shop, google, craft, sew and decorate all things Halloween. Not only is this our first Halloween in the Prairie House, but our first Halloween in a house, period. So you know what that means?
Oh. It's. On.

Preparation started in late August when the early Halloween displays snuck in overnight in some of the larger outdoor plant stores in the City. That's when you can get the best stuff. While not the best prices, selection is optimal as most people can't grasp that yes, summer is indeed nearing to an end.

Throughout September and October, we have been hoarding Halloween decorations like squirrels; giant spiders and creepy ropey webs, gauzy ghosts and hissing cats with sparkly jewel eyes. All stored in clear plastic bins in the crawlspace.

Tomorrow we decorate. Our goal is to be the most obnoxiously awesome Halloween house on the block. The Prairie House has wide overhangs over the porch giving us a Broadway sized stage to set up. Our only restraint is Lily, who has made it very clear that she doesn't want a scary Halloween. What????

As we get closer to the date, the crafting, costumes and pumpkin carving have commenced.

Hubs and Lily's first of many carved pumpkins

And is well balanced between total Hallo'fromage for hubby (think Halloween garbage bags and life sized ghouls with glowing red eyes) and homemade procrastinator for me.

My mantra is that costumes should not be started until at a minimum 2 days before Halloween. And that whenever possible, staples and double-sided tape should be used in lieu of sewing. We're going out tomorrow to pick out the pattern. I might start on Thursday night.

All my crafts this year were inspired by Crafts by Amanda. I love her creativity. A lot of her crafts are kid friendly, use recycling and are simple. Lily and I made these Halloween jar Luminaires by painting the insides and the faces with acrylic paint then coating with glaze. Lily painted all the faces herself.
Baby lost her marbles when I lit the tealights in these luminaires.

More Halloween updates to come!!


Oct 4, 2010

Old Things > New Posts

Just a quick note to say that YES I am still alive and YES I have lots of new restoration projects for the blog. As of late, old buildings are trumping new posts.

I'm out of town for this week but will be back into regular weekly postings by the weekend. In the meantime, some pictures of things to come...

Me sanding the windows on our garage - how we restored our original Pella wood Windows (a step-by-step nerdy guide)

Heat gun + scrapy tool = how to remove stubborn paint from window frames

Tile samples for El Pinko - upcoming design ideas for the pink bathroom

Floor tiles for El Pinko

Es in need of a makeover herself