Oct 4, 2010

Old Things > New Posts

Just a quick note to say that YES I am still alive and YES I have lots of new restoration projects for the blog. As of late, old buildings are trumping new posts.

I'm out of town for this week but will be back into regular weekly postings by the weekend. In the meantime, some pictures of things to come...

Me sanding the windows on our garage - how we restored our original Pella wood Windows (a step-by-step nerdy guide)

Heat gun + scrapy tool = how to remove stubborn paint from window frames

Tile samples for El Pinko - upcoming design ideas for the pink bathroom

Floor tiles for El Pinko

Es in need of a makeover herself



Anonymous said...

Exciting to see the renos as they happen. Just actually bought a house (getting out of the condo!) and so will be starting renos myself. Always good to see other blogs for inspiration!

Laura said...

Thanks for your comment. Exciting! Did you find an older house? Would love to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yup, 1959, in Fairview. Four level split with some renos done in the late 70's to early 80's (yeck!) so we've got our work cut out for us. Once we get in there, I think I'll be posting some before pictures on my never updated blog, and update with renos as they happen as well. I love before and afters!

Laura said...

Ahhh - sounds very similar to Prairie House. I'm looking forward to seeing any updates!

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