Jan 6, 2010

Bad Teak Store. Bad.

So hub and I decided to risk a visit to our favourite mid century modern furniture store in New Westminster (Mid Century Modern HOME) during the holidays. We are looking to replace a very sharp (but beautiful - so somewhat tragic of a loss) coffee table with a nice safe rounded teak version. Risky because we ALWAYS end up buying way more than we anticipate and usually something we weren't even looking for.

Think we made it out alive? Of COURSE we didn't.

Found a nice coffee table but a little out of our price range ($800 - yeeeeoouch!). So to ease the wound, we found a stunning teak wall unit (Transformer style - with cabinets and drawers and hangy things we can interchange with our mood), a mad 'Mad Man' chair for Jason to chill with his homies, a cute little 70's chrome and disco blue velvet swivel chair for me and this rad glass pendant and teak light for the kitchen.

Here's some pix of our new additions:

Bit 1 of three of the wall unit

Orange Mad Men chair

I am banning myself from this store until further notice...

ps. Move is officially pegged in Feb. 12-13. Just finalizing some paint colours and fabric samples. We're (read: I'm) going with a grey palette.


Susan said...

Look what I found when googling "mid century modern calgary"! Hi Laura..it's Susan..aka Dexter's mother. I am actually searching for a teak dining table... but I'm glad to find you here.. I'll check in more!

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