Jan 4, 2011

A New Year's Up in Pink Smoke

Sooooo. Not such a hot start to 2011. Whole lot of us have the flu. And not all at once, no, that kind of luck is for the Irish - (and we're Scottish/Italian/English/Canadian) - but spread out one by one over 5 days. I've never spent so much quality time trapped in our house with bowls. Boredom naturally leads to experimentation. In an act to conserve insanity I proposed ringing in the new year cuddled around the glow of our original 1955 fake fireplace- yet to be plugged in since we moved in last February.

The fireplace, a lovely half width fireplace that serves as the centre piece of the living room, plugs into an outlet in the wall of the fireplace. Original outlet, original plug and likely unused for many many years. (Doesn't sound like a winning combo, does it? Don't worry, we had a fire extinguisher on hand.)

Jason precariously plugging in the fireplace to appease whiny wife.

Hubby is deathly afraid of fires so he must have felt pretty sorry for me last night as I lay curled up in a ball, whimpering over our lame start to 2011. I don't know, maybe he just wanted me to just stop talking. Whatever the reason, he plugged in the fire.

Original outlet at the back of the fireplace; light switch to turn on fire and cord in nearly perfect condition. We must have been sick. This doesn't look safe.

We heard the whir of whatever little motor was in the cute fake logs that hadn't been started in 10 some odd years, followed by a billow of smoke. Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnd that was the end of our cosy sit by the fake fire.

So - in honour of our crap start to the year, I kick started off the upstairs El Pinko restoration by ordering a custom colour kit for our blasphemously mismatched and oversized El Pinko toilet seat from Color Direct Toilet Seats because:

a) I was trapped in the house with the family flu for 5 DAYS with a bowl and four whiny people including myself

b) You ever tried to find a replacement pink toilet seat?

and c) Because it is the most apropos compliment to the start of 2011...


ps. In related news, the New York Times just ran a spread on the return of the pink bathroom for 2011. See Retro Renovation for the scoop and this link for the full post.

And this year's forecasted colour trend of 2011 according to Pantone? That's right. Pink. (Honeysuckle Pantone 18-2120)


Anonymous said...

love the pink poodle motif!

Laura said...

Thanks. I'm forcing myself to embrace the pink this year. It's a tough colour to work with. How to make pink cool and not kitsch.

SNH Tradecentre said...

Great article. Embrace the pink!
As well as this design revelation, adding some great fireplace accessories can be the final touch to completing the piece, and can really give that homely feel.

Great work!

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