Jan 24, 2011

Weekend Scores

I am officially breaking up with ReStore in Calgary. Hubs and I have faithfully visited every one of the stores on countless occasions and have found almost nothing in the way of mid century treasures.

I read in the paper on the weekend that ReStore had combined all of its stores into one big gigantic warehouse of potential awesomeness in the Northeast so we headed out yesterday to check it out. He had one last chance...

You would think that with 28,000 square feet of space that there would be some room for little delights donated from at least one of the oh, 4 million mid century bungalows in the city. Mais non. In fact, upon arrival we noted that the 28,000 square feet is actually devoted to reject sinks and faucets from retailers, bad 1980s couches (you know the dark blue and green velvet kind with wood trim?), a very healthy supply of vinyl doors and windows with yellowed trim and brass pendant lights circa 1991. Woh woh...

Lucky for us, ReStore was only half of our weekend o' thrifting. We dropped by Mid Century Dweller (hubby's first time) on what was hopefully one of many future Saturday afternoon dates sans kids. Bit of antiquing in Inglewood, faucet/sink shopping at Robinson Lighting, and a quick dinner at the bar at Mercato. Divine. We found a couple of really great items for the house at MCD (a million thank-you's Dinah!).

Here's some pics from our weekend scores:

Art show print by Richard Mortensen, a Danish abstract painter (1910-1993). This one dates to 1961.

Pink scale for El Pinko!! So cute! The glass magnifies the numbers and it lights up. So I can weigh myself in the middle of the night. Or on the sly after I've eaten one too many handfuls of chips.

I am on a sink rampage for El Pinko so will have lot's of updates on local new and used's in the City.



Pam Kueber said...

Great finds! Love the print. But never ever ever stand on vintage scales! Or any kind of scale!

Laura said...

Thanks Pam! Maybe that's how people stayed so slim in the 50's to 60's. Lit and magnified numbers really amplify guilt of weekend binges.

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