Mar 9, 2011

Let There be Light

Poor poor kitchen. Lit by an embarrassing exoskeleton of a light. With no light cover.

We've been looking for a replacement for some time now but I'm fussy and not in a hurry and tragically indecisive. I've narrowed the search down to 6 contenders and was hoping for some insight from any readers out there. I am officially stuck.

All lights are from
Lumens in the US.

Kitchen shot for visualization

This little chrome woven light is tops on my list. Well priced to at $100. P652 Pendant by George Kovacs

This was the # uno for a long time. Classic mid century modern globe. I do like it but it just seems so predictable. As far as lumination and price ($55!!!), however, this one is the front runner. Rondo Pendant by Eglo

A more fabulous version of the classic globe. Way more pricey ($750 US for the 'Medium' version) and not convinced it's appropriate for a kitchen. Mirror Ball Pendant by Tom Dixon

I really like this light and would love to do the orange. But - will the kitchen look like a creamsicle? This light blue colour is quite lovely as well. Well priced too ($300). FLY Suspension Lamp by Kartell
Red/orange decor is McDonald's secret weapon for making you eat quickly and leave. Not a desireable quality for a kitchen.
This lamp is a more elegant take on the original Le Klint. $470. Le Clint 171 Pendant by Illuminating Experiences

Some tough choices. Hardly made easier by the stress over the impending bidding frenzy for the current kitchen light after I post on EBay. ha ha.



Sherry said...

Love your kitchen! Yes those are some tough choices! I need some lights for our prairie home too! It is realy hard to find the right lights to suit our homes.

Heather said...

I vote for #2, even if you think it's predictable. Or the orange. They're all lovely. :)

Unknown said...

I vote for #1. My fav by far.
Vicky (your ex-neighbour)

Anonymous said...

#1 or #2 - great choices. Kitchen looks fantastic. Have you seen the "globe lights" at Rona? $29.99 for a 10 inch (Fixture - "Swedish Ball" Ceiling Fixture CANARM 0511203) or $17.99 for an 8 inch (Fixture - "Swedish Ball" Ceiling Fixture CANARM 0511202)

Sandi Ratch said...

I vote for #2 - possibly because it is the same as the lights we had in our kitchen growing up (late 1940s veteran housing) or maybe because I'm cheap (oh, no, really, I am. My friends tell me so). The last one is nice, too, but a bit fancy and WAY too expensive for a kitchen.

Laura said...

Anonymous - will check that out - what a deal! # 2 is a tempty temptress.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love #1

Anonymous said...

I love the classic globe light (#2) and the Kartell fly lamp in blue (not convinced the orange would complement the green glass tile in your kitchen). The fly lamp is currently on sale at Gabriel Ross:

Also great would be a Louis Poulsen pendant lamp, like this one (especially if you could find a 1958 original):

Anonymous said...

Just conferred with my friend Lori, who is an interior designer and loves mcm design ( She votes for option #2 for your kitchen or a sputnik lamp (example below from her pinterest site)

Laura said...

Anonymous (april 7) - thanks for comments. I was considering the Louis Poulsen at one point. Love the wooly pocket on the wall too.

Anonymous 2 (april 7) - Many thanks for vote. Love 10 cent designer. And that sputnik lamp? To die for.

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