Jun 29, 2011

The Calgary Bungalow Project: Result(s)

The result(s) are in for the Calgary Bungalow Project. And there is a clear winner!

Kristy and Brad, the proud owners of this fabulous clean-lined bungalow in the Southwest of Calgary have owned their home for over two years. I love the modern grey colour palette, the inviting front porch and the 50's inspired front door, which I covet. They have completed some sensitive updates to the interior and exterior of the house but have kept the form and scale intact. So a huge thank you to Kristy and Brad - you have done a superb job of reusing your Calgary Bungalow! (Big Prizes to follow)

Interestingly enough, this was the only house image that was submitted for this contest. I had some excellent coverage and some intriguing feedback from readers (along the lines of "terrific idea - but good luck finding home owners in Calgary who want to preserve their bungalow"). So maybe we're breaking into some new territory here??

Of interest, Dwell on Design's annual show, in LA this year, featured a sustainable prefab home that takes inspiration from the small footprint of the mid century bungalow. Designed by architect Jonathan Davis, the 520 sq ft home features clerestory windows and a wide range of eco friendly materials. Feedback on the design has so far been positive, that it was a good use of space and very livable. (The entire house will be for sale on eBay July 5-15)

If this is the design of the future, maybe there is some hope for the Calgary Bungalow. I will certainly do a Part Deux of the Calgary Bungalow Project next year to continue to feature Bungalow redesigns when I come across them in my travels.

Thanks again to Kristy & Brad!


ps. there's finally some green in the backyard.... Will update with 'afters' shortly - stay tuned!


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