Oct 5, 2011

The Garden - 2011

I either planted or moved everything in the front and back flower gardens this year.  All Zone 3 perennials with a  smattering of annuals.  The gardens all had that 'first year perennial' look to it.  Like they were all angry that I took them from their friends at the nursery. "I'll show her.  I'm going to just sit her alllll summer and wilt and under perform" I now understand the value of showy annuals.  Here's a sampling of this year's 'harvest' (all zone 3)

The Front Garden: 
The purple section: (Clockwise from left): black petunias, delphinium, Japanese anemone,  bergenia, ?? 

cute little sea holly

The rock garden: Clockwise from bottom left - pink sedum, lambs ear,  yucca, edelweiss (purchased only because I love the song), chicken and egg

Evergreen on right with a sweet hair do

Clockwise from left: Petunias, harebell, echinacea, that same ?? 

Yellow garden in foreground: helenium

Trial veggie garden: 'cumpins' (2 year old's term), and potatoes (the beans, carrots, peas and garlic didn't grow - curses)

Rain barrel for veggie garden
Backyard gardens

Patio pot

Sedum and oat grass by patio

Side garden: Karl forester, blue fescue

Already miss summer? Me too... 



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