Dec 27, 2011

The Naughty Elf

Post Christmas Carnage
We had a $100 limit each this Christmas.  My defiant hubby bought a bunch of things from my Christmas list, all items I carefully considered - for UNDER $100 and STUFFED them in my stocking.  Then he wrapped some new garden clippers and attached them to the outside of a pair of amazing brown leather riding boots.  Just to throw me off.  He couldn't decide between boots so he bought me a second pair of black thigh high leather boots.  

And then he gave me a final gift that he prefaced with: "Don't be mad at me" It was a new SLR camera. Jerk. 

We went to Lake Louise yesterday for some winter wonderland fun and to try out the new camera. 

Rocky Mountains from the car

Pit Stop

Icicles that put ours to shame

At the stating rink on Lake Louise
Ice Castle

Ice Castle - the kid in the yellow was bossing me around.  I was annoyed.
Ice Bar with Jagger luge - tempting. 

Eating Snow

Mountain view

Stopping for lunch and hot toddies in Chateau Lake Louise



Heather said...

Can we clone that jerky husband of yours?

Laura said...

Yeah, sure. Both of them can share their 2 for one home show tickets and Lee Valley electrical cord identifiers while I traipse around with my new boots and camera.

Laura said...

being over gifted is such a horrible problem to have. there's still time for me to return everything if you'd like.........or I can send it all to Heather.

Laura said...

yes, this is your loving husband using your profile to leave comments. :-)

Jason said... I have my own profile to add thoughts to your postings.

Anonymous said...

Although I love the ice castle shots and the bossy kid annoyed face shot, you must post some pictures of the new boots too.


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