Jan 11, 2012

House Colours

We have some big decisions to make in 2012.  This is the year that we paint the exterior which will finally clean up what has been a wee eyesore in our neighbourhood for some time.  The roof was damaged in one of last year's biblical hail storms and we are on the list to have the roof replaced with new.  It's about 15 years old, so close to the end of its serviceable life.  We're on the wait list for February (!! - who roofs in February?) and are replacing with a black roof. 

The current paint scheme is dirty creamy/white - camouflaged during winter months save for the chartreuse door that literally hurts my eyes in the winter.  The paint scheme has been set for months.  

Merci Redneck Modern

That is until I have started obsessing about a single colour house.  Very 70's, certainly not period appropriate, but I'm suddenly very taken with every element (trim, sash, body) painted in a neutral colour with a pop colour door (warm yellow).  Am I crazy? 

 I finally found an example I like in this month's Dwell.  

I prefer this colour

House for reference (I miss summer)
There's almost no trim on the house and the the shutters were added.  I would even consider keeping a more modern designed shutter to replace the aluminum ones.  

Then add this door, in yellow: 

The Fortuna from Crestview Doors
This doorbell from Spore (that we ordered with the kitchen light from Lumens and have yet to install): 
And this address plate from Modplexi on Etsy.

Now to convince the hubby.... 



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