Mar 17, 2012

House Colours Part II

So it's been a while since I've posted.... Because I've been WORKING.  At least 12 hours a day since January.  And you know what happens when you work 12 hours a day with between 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night?  You get really sick.  Sick enough that your doctor tells you to take a month off, but you say  no way, two days, then meet in the middle at a week. I see that she is rolling her eyes while she writes me a prescription.  

So this week, for the first time in my life, I'm on sick leave for a bad virus/exhaustion.  This leaves me oodles of time to plan for the trillions of things we need to do to our house this year that I haven't had time to do.  

First on the list is to finalize house colours.  I was in Cabo last week with the fam and my bestie and when I wasn't working (seriously - it's been bad), I was grilling her for help with house colours.  She's pretty straight forward with things. I told her I couldn't find something that works with the brick wall in the front.  So she was all "so paint it out".  Hunh.  

That opens up a whole new world for me and colours as what I really want is a darker neutral house with a pop colour door.   And I'm still digging the all one colour house (body, trim, sash) with a punch coloured door like lime or smurf blue. Jay wants to paint out the garage door in the same punch colour. (smart) I've assembled a collection of my favourites:  

Modernizing a bungalow - Carolina Eclectic

Grey with a dash of pink - Holiday House Rules
The minimalist house -

Black and White Cube House, Toronto - The Most Beautiful Houses in the World
This one is my favourite: Chalet in Clearview, Ontario:Trendir

I still like this one too...

All Grey House - Amunt


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