Apr 20, 2012

The Sorbet Seelecshion (with french accent)

My laptop crashed last week.  It's 6 years old and is too hot to even keep on your lap.  I think that's like 99 in laptop years.  My mac guy was fortunately able to recover everything (he's amazing - and didn't even lecture when I told him I hadn't backed anything up on it in over 3 years). Hence the late posting on the pastel door colours.  

Here's a little insight into Calgary weather.  These pictures were taken three days apart.  And that brown/tan permeating the images? That's spring in Calgary for you.  I actually did 6 hours of brown gardening a few weeks ago - raking the dead grass, removing dead leaves from the garden, searching the ground for sprouting bulbs.  Personally, it's the toughest time of year for me here. 

BM Bird's Egg - I was surprised how much I liked the blue... 

BM Lemon Meringue - We both liked this one as a permanent option for the garage door. 

Ooo look!  It's snowing (with flakes the size of ears)! In April! (deep breath) (BM Surf Green)

So thoughts?  I'm partial to the mint for the front door and the yellow or blue for the back and garage doors. At least we know how the colour will look in the snow. 2moremonths2moremonths... 



Heather said...

I love the birds egg and the surf green, I can't decide which more.

Laura said...

They are the same colour, really. Different shades of robin's egg.

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