Jun 9, 2012

Shades of Summer

Too bad it's like 8 degrees and raining because our trees were finally delivered and planted this week.

Mayday in the backyard - this sucka is about 12 feet. 

Cute little Scotch Pine
Of course with anything new that crosses the prairie property line comes oodles of new plans to integrate it into the landscape.  And luckily, as I am a skilled procrastinator, we have a deadline to complete these elaborate plans. We have invited our street to a Canada Day party in the backyard (July 1st for you non-Canadians). And we're aiming to be done by then. Phase II, officially dubbed, involves adding a new patio away from the house and protected between the garage and the fence for the patio furniture, and creating a fire pit/ sun lounge area.  Hubby will be incorporating the tree into the patio. We (read: hubby) will be trading for some additional 1950s patio stones for this upper patio from our neighbour in exchange for us building them a new patio wall.  We plan to add a long garden along the fence for some tall prairie grasses.  The lower deck by the house will be used for an outdoor table* / chalk roadway for all the neighbourhood kids' trikes and bikes (it's so cute).

We'll also be extending the front garden to incorporate the Scotch pine. So it's pretty much a big fat summer of digging.  Now I just need it to stop raining...  


*Outdoor patio furniture is so ridiculously overpriced that I've decided we're either making a table from the old fence pickets in the garage or buying some fromage indoor dining set from Kijiji.  Remember the floral vinyl seats from the 60s and 70s? Perfect for outdoor, right? 


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