Mar 18, 2014

Fridge Island

I always brace myself here for water in the Spring.  Especially after last year's tragic flood in Southern Alberta. 

June 2013 - Calgary Source: Beacon News
Despite being in a semi-arid desert, the spring melt is a nerve-wracking time for home owners here. This past winter was brutal, not unlike everywhere else in Canada and the US. Weeks of -30 temperatures and piles of snow that haven't yet melted from October.  And did I mention that I have an aversion to cold weather? Think it's my Italian blood… 

So quelle surprise when we noticed our four-year old marmoleum peeling up in the kitchen a couple of days ago.  And even more of a surprise when it started spewing out white coloured glue. The kitchen is on a raised main storey so outside water was impossible.  The culprit?  A slow leak in the water line for the ice cube maker.  That I've always poo poo'ed because I'm a water snob. It's been slow leaking now for about 6 months.  And in that time, the slow leak has worked its way under the marmoleum and spread clear across the kitchen. Rad. 

Jason had to rush home from work, ambulance-style to pull up the flooring, whilst four little beans were running around and my nanny hovering over him telling her about how she needs a new garage door. Needless to say he's quietly drinking in a corner right now. 
Salvageable? Waaah!

Fridge Island. See that phone? I accidentally pocketed leaving work today. Dork. 

No clue yet if the floor is salvageable.  Hopefully.  Until then, we'll have to live with fridge island and no floor.  Maybe I'll join Jason in the corner. 



Douglas Camin @ House on Rynkus Hill said...

Eek! I hope this gets worked out. Such a pity if you weren't able to salvage it. I take it it wasn't that old?

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