Feb 27, 2011

Weekend Scores: Mid Century Inspired Spring Collection at Superstore

It has been cruel and cold here in C-town of late. -30 with windchill. So we've all been pretty cooped up in the Prairie House. Yesterday we had a bit of a reprieve (warmed up to a balmy -6) so I ventured out to Superstore. For you non-Canadian readers out there, Superstore is Canada's answer to Target - but with groceries. I'm one of the few lucky women whose husband prefers to do the grocery shopping. Either that or he is secretly annoyed with the extra purchases I bring home after every grocery trip. Joe Fresh clothing is at Superstore. Joseph Mimran is the creative director of the line and also designs for Club Monaco. It's dangerous to even walk by. Butter? No I forgot to get butter but look at these adorable boyfriend crop pants! ay. We always starve during the weeks I grocery shop.

Anyways. After being inundated with cold and bleak and white and slushy mud for months, Superstore's new Spring home line which was just launched is the antithesis to life in Calgary since last November. And with inspiration from mid century modern colours and designs. The most coveted items? A pink bathroom collection! I sent hubby back today to pick up some items for El Pinko (I wasn't allowed to go).

Flamingo pink bathroom accessories. Flamingo not included.

Same collection in yellow, and green and aqua (not shown).

Shower curtains

Bird clock - I picked this one up for baby's room

Picnic tablecloths

Oh colour, how I've missed you.



Sherry said...

Yes!!! I found an other Prairie mom whom loves Mid century modern !! I live in Saskatchewan! Oh and I have to run to supper store to see if our store has these new colors!!! Thank you!

Laura said...

Fantastic Sherry Baby- I love connecting with other mid century enthusiasts! You're blog is great!

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