Mar 24, 2011

Weekend Scores: Vespucci High River Antiques

Sorry almost a full weekend behind - cracks throw me off. This week's Weekend Scores are from Vespucci High River Antiques in High River, AB. They deal mainly in MCM. They have a fabulous collection of lights, glasses and decorative items organized by colour and/or type. The antique store is in the town's old court building and upstairs is nearly untouched. Original trim, high ceilings wooden floors, decorative trim and a beautiful central skylight. Fun to explore and pretend to lock your mom in the jail cell. ha ha. The girls came with me this trip. Lily has been antiquing since she was really little and has a good eye for treasures. For the littler one, I'm focusing on just getting her to stop running around the breakables.

High River is a quick puddle jump south from Calgary and is a sweet little town to saunter through. Plus, there's an authentic diner behind High River Antiques complete with swivel stools at the bar, juke boxes at each table and quirky, lovely staff.

Some images of the store:

Wall o' black panthers

Sleeping Beauty's spindle whorl

Upstairs in the old courtroom - most of the furniture is upstairs

Turban Kings

Lights and glasses

Carnival glass

Lights hanging from the pressed tin ceiling

Pondering this for my living room....

A perfect balance of mime and light.

Two orange lights = double love

Meanwhile, at a store nearby. Stumped on where to pick up a Scrunchie? Look no further, High River has a whole stand of them!

And below some of my scores:

I love succulents. But needed some pots for display. High River Antiques had loads of these German-made pots


Kid's treasure

Purple ash tray. Even though we don't smoke, they're fun catch all's for bedside tables or front entryway tables.

I'm a sucker for rainbows. This one now adds a punch of colour on my living room couch.

I bought this one with the intention of spray painting it some fun colour. It looks fantastic just as it is in the living room.

Relaxing after a long day of treasure hunting.



Heather said...

I want to go shopping with you--You have such a great eye!

VoyageVixen said...

I love the high river store! here is an article about our house and MCM items:

Sandi Ratch said...

Cool - love the turban kings! You need one of those!

Erin said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Sandi's and also live in Calgary. I love design, and have been drawn toward MCM more and more lately.

I've never been antiquing in High River, though I have been to Nanton COUNTLESS times. I love Sentimental Journey the best. I think I'm going to have to take a little trip down to High River! I live on the south west edge of Calgary so it's not far at all! Thanks for the tip!

Erin said...

P.S. Have you read this blog?

MCM heaven!!!

Laura said...

Hi Erin - It's a pleasure to meet another mid century nut! I am a big fan of brick house.

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