Apr 2, 2011

El Pinko V. 2

Version 2 came as a result of two factors.

1. Price - a substantial portion of the El Pinko budget was allocated to wall tile.

2. Girly factor - although impossible to avoid the feminine qualities of El Pinko, V. 1 amplified it a tad too much. Hubby already lives in a house with 3 girls. He doesn't need to be reminded of it in the bathroom too.

The revised version is more neutral and modern and doesn't compete with the pink fixtures like the last version.

Floors will be a charcoal grey matte penny tile by American Olean (with dark gray grout) from Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring.

Colour of the floor tile.

Walls will be subway tile wainscoting around the entire walls, accented with this glass tile. It's difficult to capture with the camera, but it's a mix of clear and opaque white glass. We found it at City Tile downtown. No idea who makes it. Disguised by secret coding. Sneaky.

The rest of the bathroom is the same as before.

We have decided after countless overpriced quotes and MIA contractors that this one should be simple enough to manage on our own. We need a tiler, a plumber, and have found a really cool local guy who knows how to make recycled glass countertops. He's going to build us a new vanity as well.

Now to pray to the Reno Gods that we make it through the rest of the winter melt unscathed.



Heather said...

I love the tile you picked out. I officially have bathroom envy. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Heather! I'm excited to see how it turns out.

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