Apr 6, 2011

Office De-cluttering

I work from home. Which has both strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side, I'm only one flight of stairs away from my office. On the weak side, I'm only one door away from squealing kidlets. Kids are tempting too. They are always doing something waaaaay more interesting than what I'm doing at work. Macaroni art vs. proposal budget... Hmmm. Better go check to make sure Nanny is using the correctly shaped dry pasta.

I do love my office space, though. It's spacious with tons of potential. And by 'potential' I do mean potential to be something no office on the face of this planet - messy, cluttered and disorganized.

For that reason, I hired Calgary-based J'organizing, owned by Jennifer Zagorsky. Jennifer is a charming Certified Professional Organizer who recently opened her own business. She met with me and my messy partner in crime for a free consultation to decide how best to organize my space. We set a date and she immediately tasked me to pick up a few shelving pieces to kick start the organization.

In my defense, I am actually not terrible at organizing. I own my own label maker and have properly labelled boxes and jars throughout the house. For some reason, though, I've been completely stumped by the office. I also recently hired a Research Assistant that was to start shortly in the space. I had no choice but to get more organized.

Pre-organization - not too shabby...

The way Jennifer structures her consultations is to work directly with the client for however long it takes to weed through your stuff. My mom was in town so there was an entire fleet of us to help out with the pitching and reorganizing.

Below are some before & afters...

Before: One of the first questions she asked when she came into the room was how long I've had that dead bonsai in my office. I told her it was just 'winterizing'. And for those wondering, that is breadbox on the table. A gift from my bestie but didn't fit in my kitchen. Now re purposedfor printer paper.

After: Same view but now with shelving.

Camera collection and Chinese domino set I bought at a Northwest Coast Native art auction (left).

Closet Before: Chaos.

Closet After: We moved everything accessed on a regular basis out of this closet and into baskets in the new Expedit shelf from Ikea featured in above images.

Before: The ever so functional 'floor' shelving method

After: Printers contained

Before: The junk storage table.

After: Zen organization...

Now just need some finishing touches:

Wallpaper and a rug.

I'm in love with black wallpaper right now. Ferm Living


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