May 6, 2011

Jane's Walks - Calgary

Image from Jane's Walk

Jane's Walk's are this weekend for those of you in Calgary.

I am a Director with the Calgary Heritage Initiative (CHI) and am volunteering for today's CHI sponsored walk: Sandstone to Skyscrapers lead by CHI president Cynthia Klassen. The walk starts at Memorial Park Library at 1pm.

"Victoria Park’s Sandstone landmarks provide the foundation for its recent revival as a vibrant inner-city community. Join us for a walk through 100 years of history and see how the old informs the new - or not. Meet at Alberta’s first public library, take a peek inside at the Beaux-Arts d├ęcor, and then join the walking discussion about how Calgary’s sandstone heritage has influenced its newest skyscrapers."

Tomorrow's CHI sponsored Jane's Walk with CHI Vice President Bob Van Wegan tours 17th Ave entitled: Calgary's Urban Avenue: 17th Ave SW at 10am.

For more information and a full schedule of the city's walks see the Jane's Walk website.

Hope to see some of you there!



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