May 30, 2011

Landscaping - Progress Report

We're a few weeks away from the final reveal for our landscaping project. Hubby has successfully completed the recycled stone paver patio in the backyard, and is about half way through the snazzy new modern cedar fence. A biblical rain storm and resulting biblical flood in basement last week (hubs stopped counting at 75 34-litre containers) set us back a couple of weeks. This coupled with my seemingly irrational rejection of anyone with a bobcat setting wheels in our backyard, (see the fate of An Old House, A Young Woman and a Hammer Make Three's enviable garden) has slowed this project down to a pre-industrial pace.

Hubs has essentially hand-dug our entire backyard. He's lost about 15 pounds and walks around with his shirt off lifting the kids over his head like Thor. I've resorted to cooking these massive carby Prairie meals to appease my converted urban farmer, who takes off his tie at the end of the day and digs swimming pool sized holes in the clay ridden garden until 10/11 every night. He must be burning at least 15,000 calories every day.

Meanwhile, with the help of my dear agrarian friend, Sandi (Prairie gardening tips anyone? yes please!), I have planned and planted the Zone 3, xeric garden in the front yard and a vegetable garden in an unused bed between houses on the south side of the house. My single most important job is to keep the kids away from holes and power tools so we spend countless hours scouring garden shops for pirate treasure and plants I can't possibly kill even if I try.

I'm also on the hunt for old tractor tires and barn door hardware. If anyone knows where to source locally, please let me know. Curious? Well you'll just have to be patient...

In the meantime, a wee sneak peek.

Old vs. new fence. Hubs and Uncle 'Tad' (who so graciously flew out this past weekend to help out)

***Remember to submit exterior photos for the love of your bungalow contest. Submission date closes June 12th!***



Heather said...

I can't wait to see! The fence looks great, from what I can see. And thanks for the link. :)

Your fear of bobcats is not irrational. If I could undo that decision, I would.

Thiruppathy Raja said...
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