Jan 17, 2012

The Hallway - 2012

One of my big goals for 2012 is to make this hallway work.  It's certainly somewhat slightly improved from what it was, but faux concrete block and ship wheel lighting are haaaarrrrdd to work with. Have I ever shown the ship wheel lighting?  It's amazing.  

The 'lighting' of the lighting is terrible - so sorry. I think the ceiling looks like a little chicken has been out for an upside down stroll.  Maybe I need some sleep. 
It's also a narrow space so it's difficult to add anything to spice it up (apart from my $5 thrifted table that I recently spray painted with black chalkboard paint).

We usually have a cuter front mat.  This is our winter mat. Cute winter mats do not officially exist.  Well they do, but I can't afford them. 
This year, I plan to update the flooring in the front and rear entryways with Kismet Tile.  Based in the US, Kismet manufactures totally individualized and wildly colourful Moroccan concrete tile. I'm obsessed.  They are fairly reasonably priced ($25/sq. ft) and  most importantly - THEY SHIP TO CANADA!  yay!  I think the space could easily handle some bold colour - which may actually detract from the concrete block patterned walls. (ever noticed that faux concrete block interior walls has NEVER come back into vogue since the 50's? - there's a reason for this).  

I also plan to repaint the water cooler cabinet. 

Yellow just doesn't cut it with oak floors.  Think I need something cooler, like a deep eggplant or dark teal to counter the yellow/orange of the flooring and wood trim.  I am also committing myself to framing some family photos and hanging them in the stairwell.  Hubby wants them in the living room.  I'm more of a hallway kind of gal.  Do I sense an arm wrestle?  



Heather said...

That tile is amaaaaaaazing. Oh my god.

Laura said...

It's gorgeous. And the woman I spoke to who runs the company is so nice. Even more reason to need it.

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