Mar 17, 2012

House Colour Trial

Hubby picked up some paint colours today at Benjamin Moore to try on the house.  The first couple were too light, so he went back to pick up a black range.  I've been thinking of the downside of painting a house black or dark black grey:
  • trouble finding the house at night
  • ear marked as local 'haunted house'
  • turn house into the inside of the sun in the summer
Lot's to consider here.  Anyhow, here is the results of our quest for the perfect black/grey + drama door.  Hot damn I'm lucky hubby and I have the same taste in colours/decor/design.

The new black roof and downspouts from our hail damage claim.  Current state: challenged.  That dirt patch on the right is not a grave, it's a garden. I keep telling hubby we need to make it bigger, otherwise it looks like something fishy is going on our house.

Picking out colours at Benjamin Moore.

This is the base colour we settled on for body, trim and sash: BM Wrought iron. And this aqua (BM Aruba Blue) sample is an option for the doors - Gloss finish of course. This blue is my fav.

How about a pink door (BM Peony) - of course this received top votes from the girls.

BM Mandarin Orange.  This one is hubby's favourite.

BM Tangy Orange.  This one is actually not as 'poppy' as I had hoped.  Hubby thinks it would make us look like we're trying too hard to be cool.

Apparently this was my colour inspiration for the doors.  Thanks Lalaloopsy.



Heather said...

The aqua is my favorite too. LOVE the main color.

Laura said...

It's a BOLD move for us. I love it though. And the blue door is divine.

Kathy said...

Wow, your house is going to look amazing, no matter what door colour you choose. Very envious of your ability to paint your exterior. We're stuck with vinyl siding for a while yet, but would love to have the chance to do something cool. I love the look of the pink door best, but I can see why it may not be your husband's fave. His pick, mandarin orange looks great too. They all do actually. Tough decision!

Laura said...

Oh we have vinyl siding. We took the plunge and started ripping it down. Ok. I just watched.

Vas said...

I love the look of the mandarin orange against the dark grey (then again, maybe I'm biased, as I also really loved the orange/yellow door on the house you posted from the Redneck Modern blog a short while ago).

Laura said...

Vas, I was in love with the red neck modern house forever. The yellow and blue are the top contenders. Maybe we'll do one of each? Thanks for your suggestions.

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