Apr 6, 2012

House Colour Trial #1 = Fail

What I wanted was a punch-coloured door.  We did a trial test of the house colour and the door this week on the garage.  Turns out more like a punch in the face .  This black/charcoal base is tricky.  It can look subtle and almost like a shadow with the right colour trim/door but totally offensive with the wrong colour.  See below image.

BM Aruba Blue - cover your nose
 Back to Benjamin Moore and this time for some softer colours. 

Our inspiration... 

Hubby wasn't fond of going this light. I love the simplicity of this exterior.  (Ottawa Citizen)

Definitely traditional but the overall effect is cool and inviting.  (Lavender & Lilies)

This mint door is divine. (Go Haus Go)
Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm not a fan of subtle colour.  So a pastel door is a big step for me.  

We agreed on three that didn't look too much like combinations of food, holidays or insects (inspired by bees, After 8 mints, Halloween etc.) - settling on Benjamin Moore's Bird's Egg, Surf Green and Lemon Meringue (the last one is doomed).

Trial is tomorrow.  Sure glad we have a crappy garage door that will likely undergo a number of colour tests.



nickarmadillo said...

I actually kinda like that first color combo. The slate grey would look really nice with an orange door as well. Can't wait to see how the second trial goes.

Laura said...

Thanks! The colour combo is actually gorgeous. It's just too energized. It's like a perpetual Saturday night in our backyard.

casacaudill said...

One thing I noticed is that all the example doors have raised paneling whereas yours is flat. I wonder if the door had more architectural features if it wouldn't feel quite so BAM!

Laura said...

Very good point, Becky. We're buying a doorlite kit from Crestview Doors and may just have to try it out to see. It also may look totally different on the front door, which has wide overhanging eaves and is shaded.

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