May 25, 2012

Weekend Update II

We've been in the Prairie house for just over two years now.  And I'm finally settled with the fact that any project in our house is a two phaser. Not a conventional two phaser where you build on the previous work but an entirely new second phase, where you pitch the design of the first phase in the garbage.  

Case in point: the Rec Room. Phase 1 was new carpeting, painting the walls and ceiling, new lights and new sofa bed and curtains.  Phase 2 was supposed to just be some wall paper to cover theses little Egyptian warriors (so kitschy 50's).

Well, I don't really like it down there.  It feels too 'grandpa's house' with the cream walls and teak coloured trim, not withstanding that half the wall is still missing from when we had that little leak.

The bar in the background - currently used as a fort (sacrilegious)

Ooo la la - missing wall!
We're usually pretty booked up with guests (we love having visitors) so time for ...
Weekend Update II!

Here's the inspiration - 'mac'd out grandpa's house': 

I am so sorry - I have no idea where this image is from. 
I'd like to do a whole wall of framed kids art - again, this is from my old inspiration collection - no idea of the source. 
Here's the plan: 
  • Walls/ceiling/trim - all white (BM Cloud White?)
  • Bar - grey stain - I'm not sure if it will actually stain the wood grey but it looks freaking fantastic in my head
  • Wallpaper - Mountains Sunrise from Miss Print (I bought some fabric for the downstairs bathroom that I have yet to sew - her patterns are clean lined and mid century inspired)

There you have it - an inexpensive fix for guests. Will update once it's complete. 



chris said...

Hi- I'm having a sale of my mid century collection this friday and saturday, please stop by:

Laura said...

Shoot - I was out of town. Anything left?

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