May 20, 2014

Bringing Light

I'm currently working with a Life Coach.  If you don't have a life coach, you need one.  They are your personal go-to for health, relationships, gaining life balance, and psychologist- all in one.  It was also my Life Coach who was instrumental in diagnosing me with Lyme Disease. (That's what last year's mystery disease turned out to be - whoopee!!)

Anyhoo - my Life Coach is big on bringing 'light' into your life.  Finding your light, living lighter, lightening your home. Because of her, I have small pretty things around my house, on my keychain, and in my office that make me smile. 

I also got picked up this little piece of light a couple of weeks ago. 

Her name is Pixie.  She loves sunshine and sleeping on my head. 



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