Jun 8, 2014

Hose Review

If anyone would have told my 20-year self that my 30-year self was reviewing a garden hose, she would have likely strangled me with a hose.  But it wouldn't really work because garden hoses in the past kind of suck.  

I am fully aware of the corny factor of this post but in all seriousness, this is an important and well used tool in my yard.  And because we have gardens on all sides of our house and only 1 hose, I'm constantly hauling awkward 50' hoses around the yard, which I tend to just leave in the middle of the yard. We have perpetual snake shaped impressions on my lawn. 

I'm not usually one for As Seen on TV products, but this one intrigued: 

I am tired of tugging and lugging…

So I dashed over to Canadian Tire, which, as an aside, I forgot how awesome it is. 

The version I picked up was NOT $19.95 [liers] as claimed above but 49.99 for 75 feet - which easily covers all of my gardens.  

Made from 'super strong webbing' the hose does do as it says and is light to handle, easy to move around and seems to adapt well to a range of nozzles. 

One note of warning, it apparently doesn't weather well in the sun, so be sure to store out of the direct sun.  And if you're highly impatient like me, remove the nozzle to drain as it seems to take an exorbitant  amount of time to drain.  Other than that, I'm hooked!  

I swear it will be cooler post next time…. 



Sandi Ratch said...

Tell me how it weathers. Might be a good choice next time we need a hose.

hamaaberle said...

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