May 11, 2010

Why I May Just Be The Greatest Wife That Ever Lived...

Jason loathes squeaky floors. So much so, that he thought he would fix a creak in our BRAND NEW kitchen floor by drilling screws into the floorboards from the basement. Yes. I did actually say 'drill screws into the floorboards'. And yes. He did think this was a brilliant idea.

I had no idea what he was doing when he called me to go up to the kitchen.

He asked jokingly: "any screws poking up through the floor?"

Me: "Yes, Jason. There is actually a screw poking up through the BRAND NEW floor"

*Illegible muffled swearing from below*

Me to Jason when he is inspecting his 'handiwork': "Why would you EVER think that was a good plan?"

Jason: "But I was only off by this much" (holds fingers together in a tiny pinch)

All I gave him was a look. That's it. No yelling, no tears, no silent punishment for three days, making him sleep on the couch.

Nope. I'm point collecting. First, the move to Calgary. Then a trip to Vegas this weekend. Coupled with a future fishing trip. I think el wifey needs a new little blue box.


Oh, PS. The floor still squeaks.


Jen said...

Seriously. You win the award!!!

Luann said...

My husband (also a Jason) decided to do the same thing in our house - squeaky floors drive him crazy too. I spent an afternoon pressing on the squeaky spots and hoping not to get poked by a screw. The kitchen (original sparkley linoleum) has a couple of screw holes but I didn't have to say anything - he felt humble enough already. He is happier with the squeaks though.

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