Oct 30, 2011

Bedroom Blues

I just realized that after almost a full 2 years of LMCMHP, I have not shown one picture of our 'Master' bedroom. Hardly a master as the house was built before the concept of 'Master' bath or a separate wing for the Master suite.  It just happens to be the biggest room in the house with the biggest closet.  And it's on the same floor as El Pinko and our eldest.   

We chose (read: I chose) the colour (Caribbean Blue from Benjamin Moore) prior to moving in.  Then had absolutely NOTHING to match it with bedding and decor-wise. I finally found some Marimekko sheets from Crate & Barrel bold enough to handle the colour.  We have yet to find some curtains, a rug and some art.  I love it, stark as it is.  Feels like I'm sleeping in a Smurf house. 

My bedside table.

Chair that we negotiated into our purchase of the house, waiting to be recovered, a modern art piece waiting to be framed and a dead stick of a rubber tree waiting to be replaced with new. 

Popular spot for kids fashion shows

Our shared closet with original fir sliding doors.  
Bedside reads: Salinger's "To Esme with Love and Squalor"
Cute little nook where Jason hides his clothes. 

I would love any suggestions anyone may have for window coverings.  Patterned?  Plain?  Neutral?


ps. Happy Halloween! (more pix to follow)


Heather said...

Pinch pleats! How much sun do those windows get? Will the window treatments fade much?

Laura said...

East facing with wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide overhanging eaves. So direct sunlight is luckily not much of an issue. Pinch pleats - I dig it - adds a little 'gal' to the room (pretty masculine right now). pattern?

Morgan said...

Great to meet you tonight Laura! Have you tried Tonic Living (http://tonicliving.com/index.asp) for drapes? My friend Jen @ Rambling Renovators used them for her master and they are lovely! You can see them here: http://ramblingrenovators.blogspot.com/p/before-afters.html

Laura said...

M: It was really nice to meet you the other night as well. Great suggestion for tonic living. I have ordered fabric online before and haven't been disappointed.

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